You Did It in 15 Minutes and Saved: How Much Coverage Do You Have? Or, Why You Need an Insurance Age

The ads are enticing… call or go online and within 15 minutes you can save hundreds on your auto insurance. Really?

Online Insurance Quotes

When you get your quote online you are dealing only with a computer program, which is programed to ask you some questions and then spit out a quote. It may be lower than your current policy or it may be higher, but it is a cookie cutter approach to selling car insurance and the coverage you get may be less than you thought or more than you need.

The computer is programmed to sell you car insurance. It does not care if you duplicate coverage, drop important coverage or have adequate coverage for your unique needs.

But, when you deal with an agent she or he takes the time to find out your needs and provide the right coverage that is customized for you. Many new cars come with a free towing service for the duration of your warranty. An agent will make sure this coverage is not duplicated. If your car is financed, the coverage you buy online may not have GAP insurance. This covers the difference between what your car is worth and what you owe on it. On the other hand, some lenders include GAP insurance in your loan, so you do not need it. An insurance agent will help you discover what you do and do not need for full protection.

People who are fortunate enough to be well off financially cannot afford to buy minimum mandated insurance. They have tremendous exposure for liability claims that could personally ruin them financially. They not only need to buy high limits of liability but likely need an umbrella policy as well. Find a computer that is going to tell a consumer about that… oh, wait, you can’t.  An agent can though.

Telephone Insurance Quotes

When you call in for your 15 minute quote that will save you hundreds you usually do not talk with a trained credentialed insurance agent. You are speaking to a customer service rep who has been trained to sell. Often the first quote is for state minimum and then the representative works you up to “standard” or “premium” coverage. Just like the online quote these are bundles that are standard, not easily changed to meet your individual needs.

A certified trained insurance agent will likely take more than 15 minutes to give you a thorough custom quote. But, the company you sign with will be reputable, the insurance designed to meet your unique needs and you have the same person to call whenever you have a question or need to make a change in your insurance policy. Is saving a few minutes worth not having the right insurance? Most of us would say no.

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