3 Times You Need Extra Liability Coverage on Your Home Insurance

If you are like many other homeowners, you purchased a home insurance policy and didn’t think twice about it. You may have assumed your insurance agent took care of ensuring you had enough coverage for any risks you may face. Even if you did take a closer look at the policy’s details, you may not have known how much liability coverage was ideal for your specific needs. However, most homeowners should take a look at what additional coverage is necessary so they can ensure more comprehensive protection.

Most standard home insurance plans provide liability limits of about $100,000. This may be sufficient for some homeowners, but it also may not be enough protection for others. Most industry professionals recommend at least $300,000 worth of coverage. However, you may want to add even more under certain circumstances.

Choosing an umbrella insurance plan is often necessary when you face more risks. These policies can offer much higher levels of coverage based on your needs. When should you consider this investment?

  1. You have a high-value home. If you want to ensure your financial protection in the event of a lawsuit, having a higher level of liability insurance is worthwhile.
  2. You take risks on your property. This may include simply having significant construction work done or allowing people to engage in risky activities, such as swimming or jumping on a trampoline.
  3. You want ample protection from professional risks. If you own your own a business or provide a service, someone could sue you personally and it could impact your home insurance plan.

If you are unsure if you have enough home insurance and liability coverage, talk to your agent about your needs. Discuss what risks may warrant the additional protection. The good news is you can often add additional liability coverage without breaking the bank. The amount of protection these policies can offer, though, is excellent and well worth the investment. Some may even pay for themselves if you do have the need to file a claim.

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