5 Tips for Preventing Condo Theft

Condos and apartments are made differently than homes, and subsequently have different security risks. However, one thing remains the same; thieves like easy targets. Anything you can do to make it harder for a thief to get into your home can increase your overall safety. Try some of the following techniques:

  • Lock it up: Most condo and apartment doorframes and doors are weaker than those belonging to a house. Deadbolts provide extra security. If you don’t already have one, ask management if they could install one (or if not, ask if you can install one). Most complexes are happy to take a simple, cheap security measure.
  • The high life: Living on a higher level, if possible, makes it harder for thieves to break in through a window and carry large items down. As a bonus, higher levels are typically cheaper to buy or rent.
  • Confusion tactics: Thieves may study your behavior for hours, or even days, before breaking in so they pick a time when you’re away. You may not have control over your work schedule, but varying your routine as much as possible can keep a stalker-type guessing. If you live near work, you may even drop by during lunch to check on things, especially if you own a pet that would enjoy your company.
  • False appearances: Similar to the previous point, you can make it look like you’re home with the use of timers. These cheap devices can be set to turn radios, TVs and lights on and off at either specific times or at random intervals.
  • Officer, please: Ask your complex’s courtesy officer to check in on your unit while you’re away for longer than a day. You don’t need to hand over your key, but ask him or her to check the exterior for any signs of a break in on a daily basis until you return.
  • Through the window: Many condos and apartments have sliding glass doors that lead to the balcony. Always make sure all of your doors and windows are locked, but placing a long wooden rod in the track of the glass door can prevent it from being pried open as well.
  • Document it: Take photos of your valuables, noting model and serial numbers in a digital file. Store this file somewhere safe and away from your home. If your belongings are stolen, this inventory can help with the recovery and/or replacement. Of course, you need the proper insurance for this tactic to work.

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