Can Home Insurance Cover a Fallen Tree’s Damage to Your Shed?

Storms can topple trees in moments. Sometimes, all it takes is a big breeze if a tree limb is already damaged or diseased. When tree limbs fall, their sheer size and height can leave you struggling with significant property damage. Removal of the tree or limb and the cost of repairing the shed or other structure can amount to thousands of dollars. If you own a home, you likely have a home insurance policy that can protect you from these types of losses.

To determine if your home insurance policy should cover the losses to your home, consider who owns the tree. If the tree sits on your property, it is up to you to maintain it and, if necessary, trim branches that could be at risk of falling. As long as you’ve properly maintained the tree and the damage is the result of unpreventable and accidental incidents, your home insurance is likely to pay for the losses you suffer. That should include both the cleanup necessary and the repairs to your shed. The shed itself should be named on your home insurance policy. Most policies can have coverage for named outbuildings such as sheds, garages, or workshops. If your building isn’t named on your policy, be sure to add it to ensure protection.

What if the tree is in your neighbor’s yard? In this case, you should start with filing a claim with your own home insurance. Your agent should work to determine who is ultimately responsible for the losses and offer help in securing payment from your neighbor’s home insurance policy if they are held responsible. If this occurs, your neighbor’s policy may likely pay for the cleanup of the tree and the damage repair to your shed.

Also important to note that your home insurance only pays when there is actual damage. For example, if the tree falls on the shed but there is no damage to the structure, the plan may not cover replacing or repairing the shed, nor cleanup of the tree itself.

If you’re struggling after a storm with a tree on your shed, call your home insurance agent. Chances are good they’ll help you to determine who is responsible and how much coverage you have.

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