Car Safety for Your Children

There are over 1,000 reported car accident deaths involving children under age 14 each year, with tens of thousands more injuries. Using car seats, seat belts and teaching your children about car safety can very well save their lives.

Children are safest when they are properly buckled up in the back seat. Of course, what constitutes being properly buckled up depends on your child’s age.

• Ages 0 to 2: Infants must be buckled into a rear-facing car seat in the backseat of the car until they’ve outgrown the height and weight limits of the seat. Use the instruction manual to ensure that the car seat is installed correctly and that you’re buckling up your child correctly, both of which are crucial for optimal protection.

• Ages 2 to 5: Toddlers must be buckled into a forward-facing car seat in the backseat of the car until they’ve outgrown the height and weight limits of the seat.

• Ages 5 to 9: Young children must be buckled into a booster seat in the backseat of the car until they can comfortably fit in the car’s actual seats. Until kids can rest their backs against the seat with their knees bent over the seat’s edge (typically once your kid reaches 4 feet 9 inches), using a booster seat helps position the seat belt on kids’ smaller bodies for comfort and protection.

• Ages 9 and up: Older children must be taught to always buckle their seat belts, preferably before the car is even started. Do not allow your kids to tuck the shoulder strap behind their backs because this action significantly reduces the protection offered by the seat belt.

In addition to car seats and seat belts, a great way to keep your kids—and yourself—safe in the car is to bring something along to keep your kids entertained. This may be a movie, a toy, a video game, a snack or anything that will occupy their time. The busier they are, the less time they have to spend distracting you while you drive.

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