Covering Your Home Away From Home

Your vacation property could be a cabin in the woods, a mobile home located near a national preserve or a beach-front condo. The options for vacation residences are endless. The need for insurance on any of these get-away retreats, however, is static. Any residence you own needs to be properly covered to protect your finances and the home itself regardless whether you’re there for six months or six days a year.

Personal Property Coverage

Vacation properties usually have some furniture, electronics and other property left in them year-round so you’re able to pack lightly when escaping to your home away from home. The personal property you leave in your vacation home needs coverage in order to limit the financial risk you face if there is an insurable accident.

If your vacation home has fewer contents than your full-time residence, or has lower value, then you could purchase a very low limit for contents coverage. Even the lowest limits offer you peace of mind.

Insuring the Dwelling

When you bought your vacation home, you most likely didn’t purchase a plot of land alone; you also purchased a dwelling that resides on it. Should that dwelling be damaged by an insurable event, insurance coverage purchased on the property can help you rebuild without pulling funds from savings or retirement accounts.

If you rent the property to other vacationers you need to let your insurance carrier know about this. You may also consider adding loss of use coverage or an umbrella policy in the event that a tenant causes an insurable incident that renders the property uninhabitable or an accident occurs on your property.

Available Discounts

Ask your agent about all available discounts to you including multi-policy discounts or discounts that apply to your vacation home due to safety measures you’ve implemented in your vacation get-away.

Your property is valuable, whether you are there full-time or for just a few weeks a year. Protecting your vacation investment with the proper coverage will conserve your savings for accomplishing other goals, rather than replacing or rebuilding your property.

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