Getting Your Rental Application Approved

With stagnant wages and rising home prices, a lot of people are renting for much longer than they used to. Getting your rental application approved may seem like a daunting task among the competition, but the following information can help tip the odds in your favor in the eyes of the apartment complex staff.


Before searching for an apartment, you’ll need to sit down and figure out your budget for rent. With a number in mind, you won’t have to waste your time looking at properties that are out of your price range. To prove your ability to pay rent in full, property managers may ask to see your last two paycheck stubs and/or bank statements so go ahead and make copies in advance of visiting properties to show that you’re prepared and organized.

Credit Report

Many property managers will view your credit history to gauge your ability and intent to pay rent. Before visiting properties, request a free copy of your credit report and immediately address any issues. If a property manager points out any credit blemishes, it’s best to be upfront and honest about past transgressions and the steps you’re taking to fix them.

First Impression

Property managers prefer residents that don’t cause problems, so be on your best behavior during your visit. Dress modestly and be respectful. Thank the staff for their time and consideration. Courtesy can go a long way when there are several possible residents to choose from.


Be truthful about your dog or cat, even if that means paying an initial pet deposit and/or a monthly pet fee. If you hide the fact to save money and you furry friend is discovered later on, you could be subject to pet fees, cleaning fees or even eviction.

Initial Fees

On top of your monthly rent, most apartment complexes require that you pay initial fees upfront, which may include an application fee, a security deposit and a pet deposit. Save up before moving so you can pay these fees without issue.

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