Home Insurance, Away from Home

In this increasingly mobile world, it is not uncommon for traveling individuals to take with them some of the items that would be most expensive to replace in the event of an insurable incident. For example, when going away on vacation it’s not unusual to carry your Smartphone, tablet, camera, and maybe even your laptop. Add to that the value of your luggage, clothing and other personal effects that you bring and you could have several thousand dollars worth of personal possessions with you as you travel around the country or world.

If something should happen to this property while you travel you might think you have no insurance protection without a special travelers’ insurance policy, but if you have home or renters insurance you might already have limited protection under certain circumstances.

While you’re away on vacation, if the accidental and unexpected damage of your property is not covered by the insurance of your hotel, airplane, rental car company or the individual who damaged it, then you may find that your home insurance company will cover the damages. As they would in your home, certain exclusions apply. For example if you lose your luggage or misplace your laptop, your home insurance would likely not pay for the damages but if it’s stolen or ruined in a fire, the policy may. It’s even possible that, after causing unintentional damage to another individual or their property, your home insurance policy’s liability coverage would kick in.

Before making a claim, remember that insurance will only pay for damages that exceed your deductible. If you have a $1,000 deductible and your $800 laptop is stolen then your insurance company is not likely to reimburse you. If you have questions about situations that are covered by your home or renters insurance policy, or would like a quote on Victorville home insurance, give us a call at 866-466-2109 to meet with one of our agents.