Insurance Factors for Landscape Services

For each of the four seasons, you’ll more than likely require special care for your lawn. During the winter months when it’s cold outside, you may hire someone to remove the snow from your driveway and leave it at that. When it’s autumn, you get someone to rake leaves which is a really big help in keeping your lawn healthy. During spring and summer you might hire someone to weed, seed, mow, and fertilize your yard.  It’s obvious that the need for hired help with maintaining your outdoor space year round does exist, you might not be aware of the liabilities that go along with that.

When you hire someone, whether a contractor or company to keep up your lawn during any season, you should make sure you hire someone that has insurance. This way you’re making sure you have liability coverage and workers compensation. This is good because if you use more than one employee, your home insurance coverage may not pay the claim if one of them is injured while they’re working on your property.

Sometimes home insurance policies can exclude accidents and injuries to people you hire in whatever capacity, even if it’s only for a couple of hours each week. Sometimes states, like Hawaii, make it mandatory that you buy workers compensation insurance coverage for people that they hire to do a variety of home chores and are compensated a specific amount each quarter.

You might be exposed to some risks still, despite your state not requiring you to have workers compensation coverage. Even if your home insurance policy will cover a claim that doesn’t include negligence, you’re still open to some risks. First, a claim filed against your home insurance policy could result in the payment of a deductible toward the claim. Another risk is it could raise your rates on your policy in the future.

Keeping all this in mind, making sure you hire a company with the proper licensing and insurance, for the upkeep of your lawn year round, is your best option to go with. By doing this you can be assured that your lawn will look great during all the seasons, and that your decision won’t affect your Victorville home insurance.