Moving Here’s How to Protect Your Assets When Moving In

It’s time to move into your first home. You may be moving into an apartment or a house. Whenever you move, you create the perfect opportunity to protect your assets. Everything you own is valuable to you.

With the right type of renters insurance, you may be able to protect those items from common risks. This includes risks related to fires, theft and damage from weather-related events.

What should you do as you move in to protect what belongs to you?

First, Create an Inventory

As each box arrives in your new location, create an inventory of each item. Here’s how to do so easily:

  • On a piece of paper or in a software document, write down the name of the item and a description of it.
  • If you know the value, or have a receipt to verify the value, note that next.
  • Take photos of most of your items, especially high-value items.
  • Keep on hand any appraisals showing the value of high-value items.
  • Store this document in a safe place when you complete it.

An inventory like this can help in several ways. It helps you create a basic understanding of how much value your possessions have. You can use this information to choose a renters insurance policy. The value will help you obtain enough coverage to replace those items.

Next, Obtain a Renters Insurance Policy

Work with an insurance agent to select a renters insurance plan that fits your needs. Most renters insurance plans cover the value of your possessions. They also cover liability risks. Liability coverage can provide financial support if you face a lawsuit from someone who gets hurt in your home.

Remember, these are usually risks that your landlord does not provide protection from. Never assume the property owner will cover your losses.

As you move in, carefully consider the value of renters insurance. Most policies are very inexpensive. They can protect against most risks, though, giving you a level of peace of mind.

Should a fire occur, for example, you could lose everything you own. Without renters insurance, you would have no ability to recoup the losses you suffer. That’s why it is so important for you to put a policy in place as you move into your new home. It can provide long-lasting protection to you.

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