How to Prevent Condo Theft

As is the case with homes, a burglar breaking into a condo is looking for an easy target. It only takes a few simple steps to beef up your security, which will hopefully cause any would-be thieves to move on to another unit or complex. What are these steps?

  • Live high up: If you have the option, select a condo on a higher floor. This makes it harder for thieves to break in through a window and harder to carry large or heavy items downstairs. As a bonus, condos on higher levels are often cheaper to rent.
  • Use deadbolts: Deadbolts provide valuable security by making it harder to kick down the door or pick the lock. Many condos come equipped with deadbolts, but if yours doesn’t, ask management if they can install one (or if they will allow you to do the job yourself). It’s an easy, cheap way to prevent a big, expensive problem.
  • Lock the windows: When you’re away or sleeping, remember to lock all of your windows. And if you have a sliding glass door, place a thick, wooden dowel in the track to prevent burglars from prying it open from the outside.
  • Keep them guessing: Thieves usually study a home for at least a few minutes before attempting to break in. Some even watch your behavior for days to determine when you’ll be away. To make your condo look occupied, buy a few timers and set your lights, TV and radio to turn on at random intervals throughout the day. Additionally, vary up your routine as much as possible. For instance, if you live near work, drop by home over lunch at random.
  • Call the courtesy officer: If you’re planning on being away for a few days (or longer), ask the complex’s courtesy officer to check on your unit each day that you’re gone. A simple scan of the unit’s exterior can give away any signs of a possible break in.

Security isn’t foolproof, which is why the right coverage can be a lifesaver. Call Key City Insurance at (801) 656-8100 for more information on Salt Lake City renters insurance.