How to Privately Sell Your Car

Selling your car doesn’t have to be stressful if you know what you’re doing. It all starts with your knowledge, and as the owner of your car, you know the most about it. But learn more! Research your car’s make and model and study any parts or features you aren’t as familiar with. Use resources such as Kelley Blue Book and Carmax, among any others you see fit, to determine the going rate for your particular car. Evaluate your car’s worth with brutal honesty. Mileage, condition and gas mileage can affect the value of your car, along with special features such as a new stereo system or a replaced transmission. Once you’ve settled on your price, boost it by a few hundred dollars to leave room for negotiations.

Advertise your car using a “for sale” sign on the window, buying a classified ad in a local newspaper, posting signs on local bulletin boards and/or online resources (such as Craigslist). To improve first impressions, spruce your car up with a carwash and clean out the interior and trunk. Every bit of extra polishing can take it that extra step to impress potential buyers. You may even want to get an oil change and check for proper air pressure in the tires. Compile a list of service records and receipts from any work you’ve had done in the glove box. Potential buyers will feel more confident in a car that has documentation to back up what you’ve explained.

Always greet potential buyers in a friendly and honest manner to reassure them of your trustworthiness. When scheduling test drives, ensure that potential buyers possess a valid driver’s license. Most sellers choose to ride along in the passenger seat; this doubles as a great time to answer any questions about the car. It is acceptable for potential buyers to request that their own mechanic inspect the car.

Inform interested buyers of your preferred method of payment and negotiate the price; setting your bottom line ahead of time will ensure that you get what you want for the car. Listen to all reasonable offers with an open mind, but don’t hesitate to walk away from an unreasonably low offer. Once a price is agreed upon, fill out and sign all necessary paperwork, as instructed by the local Department of Motor Vehicles. And voila! You can now deposit your earnings and shop for your new car.

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