The Real Impact Traffic Tickets Have on Your Auto Insurance

Regardless of your driving habits, the majority of people obtain at least one traffic ticket within their lifetime. While tickets don’t always have an immediate effect on your insurance, eventually they can come back to haunt you. The more traffic tickets you incur, the worse off you will be because the cost of your auto insurance may increase with each traffic ticket.

You should avoid traffic tickets at all costs in order to keep your driving record clean and your auto insurance rates lower. Insurance companies quote rates based on risks, and traffic tickets highlight the fact that you violated traffic laws, which is deemed risky behavior.

Who is at Risk?

If you are over 25 and do not have a habit of getting speeding tickets, one instance usually won’t have a huge effect on your insurance rates. For those who are under the age of 25, the effects of a ticket may have a greater impact. Insurance companies see individuals under 25-years-old as riskier since they have less driving experience. Try the following tips to avoid traffic tickets, including speeding tickets:

  • Follow the posted speed limits and traffic signs
  • Drive defensively
  • Never drink and drive

Driving responsibly saves lives and it saves you money since the cost of your auto insurance remains more affordable without tickets.

Continually Getting Tickets Negatively Impacts Your Rates

The more tickets you get, the more your wallet will feel the sting in the form of higher insurance rates. Your first traffic ticket may not affect your premiums, or may only have a marginal effect. However, each ticket after your first one can add more to your cost of insurance. Insurance companies expect you to get one or more tickets within your lifetime, but not several within a few years. If you continually receive tickets, you jeopardize your ability to maintain auto insurance, which may prevent you from being able to drive.

The Consequences of Traffic Tickets

A speeding ticket is one of the worst traffic tickets you can get, from an insurance perspective. When you speed, you are more likely to cause a traffic accident, which can cause multiple loss events your insurance company has to pay. Should you total your vehicle or another vehicle, your insurance company is responsible for making you whole. When the insurance company is concerned about you as a risk, they may increase your premiums or cancel your policy. If you are canceled, finding another insurance company can be difficult with a poor driving history.

Driving is a privilege. Obeying the traffic signs and following the posted speed limits are both important aspects of driving. Not only can it reduce the chances of you getting a traffic ticket, but it keeps you safe while driving. Stay safe throughout your driving career and keep your car insurance costs down by being a responsible driver.

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