Trailer Insurance: Not Just Auto Insurance

When you hitch up your trailer to your vehicle, you want to make sure to protect this added cargo.

However, some trailers aren’t covered by regular auto insurance policies. Before you head out on your next haul, make sure that your trailer has the proper insurance coverage.

What is trailer insurance?

The size and cost of trailers vary, as do the uses of trailers. Therefore, the types of insurance for trailers vary as well.

  • You can add some trailers to your regular auto insurance policy.
  • Other trailers benefit from specialized trailer insurance based on their value, size and other factors.
  • Trailers that are for business have a special type of insurance called commercial trailer insurance.

What does trailer insurance cover?

Trailer insurance usually includes liability, commercial and comprehensive coverage. This is similar to coverage of regular auto policies. Remember, a trailer can damage another object even though it doesn’t have an engine of its own.

Trailer insurance exists because regular auto insurance may not cover a trailer. You want to make sure that everything that is on the road has insurance coverage.

Who needs trailer insurance?

Some people use trailers to haul hay on their properties. Others use them to haul expensive goods across state lines.

Both of these examples can result in accidents and the losses can be costly. Hay trailers can tip over. Goods trailers can come unhitched on the interstate. Even if you don’t think you need it, trailer insurance can come in handy.

It is always a good idea to talk to an experienced agent about what type of trailer insurance is best for you.

What will trailer insurance cost?

A variety of factors determine the cost of trailer insurance. These include the size, use and the age of the trailer. Rates also vary from state to state. Some states even require trailer insurance.

You should also always find out whether trailer insurance covers the goods inside a trailer. Some policies do, and others don’t. Loss or damage to these goods can be huge losses to you. Your agent can help you choose a policy that also covers your goods.

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