Our Philosophy and Mission

Umbrella covering family At Key City Insurance we value customers as well as our employees. As always the purpose of any business is to make money, however, we also add to that the goals to make sure people not only enjoy their work environment but love coming to work each day.

From a customer standpoint we try to make every experience with our office, a happy one. Every lead that comes into our office is treated as a VIP, regardless of how small or large. We will follow up with letters, emails and phone calls to show them we value their business.

Once we earn their business, the personal attention does not end. We try to educate our customers as much as possible on the product they purchased and try to make sure they understand what is covered and what is excluded. When they leave our office they will not only have proof of insurance in a custom folder to place in their glove box but feel comfortable that should a claim arise we will be there for them.

When it comes to making changes, we try to make sure we not only give them the correct information and coverage, but we also try to give them new pricing on the spot. All of the assistants at Key City Insurance are licensed agents and capable of processing any transaction the customer may need.

Claims, in our opinion, is the time we truly need to perform. When a claim is reported direct to the company we try to make sure they get a call from their agent or a member or management to explain the claims process and make sure it goes as smooth as possible. This includes contacting their body shop, helping them getting a rental car and making sure their claims adjuster is treating them well.

Top to bottom we try to make sure the staff is happy and in turn making the customer’s happy.

Organization History

Ron Thurman established our company April 1st, 1981. After purchasing a failing agency from a divorcing couple he turned the business around and had the company paid off with the first 6 months of taking over.

While we have purchased several other agencies over the years, our second location was opened in Orem, Utah in 2004. After successfully getting that location off the ground, we opened our third location in St George, Utah in 2010.

Our founder Ron Thurman came from humble beginnings. Growing up in a 1200 square foot home with two older brothers and a younger sister, he learned the value of sharing, considering the home only had one bathroom. His father worked most his life in a steel factory and mother went between working for the phone company and staying at home with the kids. After marrying in 1969 and moving to California he had 5 children and started his career in insurance while working through college.

His ultimate goal was to run a farm and graduated with a degree in agronomy. He quickly found he could make more money selling insurance, than growing fruit.

As his children grew they found the business to be a great learning tool and under their father close eye, 4 out of the 5 children now make their living working in insurance.