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  • You guys do a great job and I appreciate all that you and Ron have done for me over the years.

    Daniel Tilden

  • I wanted to thank the staff at Key City Insurance for working so hard on my behalf. I was struggling with a particular claim and Key City assisted me with not only understanding what was going on, but working with my adjuster as well. I am thrilled to have a such a fantastic staff truly on my side and relieved that I have an agent I can trust and rely on.


    Donald Skadal, Salt Lake City, UT

  • “Key City Insurance is excellent. My family and extended family have used them for our personal insurance needs for about 17 years and I've been referring them to all of my Real Estate clients for the past 11 years. Their agents and staff are well trained, knowledgeable, and professional. As a Realtor I've dealt with many insurance companies but none have been better than Key City Insurance. I highly recommend them.”

    Michael A., Hesperia, California

  • This company offers wonderful customer service! They are willing to work with you to find you the rates and coverages you need and they will answer any question you may have. Wonderful services and companies!

    Rebecca R., Sandy, UT

  • I recently questioned why my home insurance amounts were so high for my own home and for my rental. Amy Heo looked into it and found that I was paying too much in premiums: not only had I been charged a wrong amount for my rental (based instead on higher rates for my residence) but also that my residence coverage was too high. I expected an adjustment for the current year, but she went back and got me credits/refunds for previous years. Amy's efforts were above and beyond my expectations, and have earned my loyalty to Key City Insurance. I've been loyal to Bear River Insurance, but now I feel comfortable in recommending Amy and Key City. Thank you for the excellent customer service!

    Doug Solstad

  • Key City Insurance is a great company. Excellent customer service and a willingness to cater towards the customer.

    Bridget Newman, Provo, UT

  • Key City is awesome.

    Kaylee G., St George UT, AL

  • Great people, treated me like family when walked in.

    Cody Lund, West Valley, Utah, AL

  • The staff have some great smiles and very helpful!

    Jason H., Salt Lake City, UT

  • Key city insurance is amazing I recommend it to every with or with out financial problems. Their staff is amazing, you never leave unsatisfied!

    Tabitha, St. George, Utah

  • I love key city! They helped me save so much money! They're fantastic and very professional.

    Devaney L., St. George, UT

  • Key City is great. They have amazing employees that will help you through everything and they are very good at helping you save lots of money!

    Sierra Dawson, St. George , UT

  • Key City is amazing! They helped me save so much money on my insurance. I love everything they do! They're very professional and a great environment.

    Angela O., St. George, UT

  • I love Key City! They're so great!

    Lauren, St. George, UT

  • This is an awesome insurance company, very friendly and understanding.

    Aaron Clark, Provo, UT

  • The staff is always cheerful and quick to help.

    David Johnson, Salt Lake City, UT

  • Key City is a great company. They are always willing to help with my questions and concerns. They have a great customer service.

    Sonia Ruiz, Salt Lake City, UT

  • Great company, great customer service! Can't go wrong!

    Ashley Pead, American Fork, UT

  • Key city insurance is awesome, the people who work there are very nice and helpful. They try hard to make you comfortable and make sure you leave happy :)

    Jessica Jammet, Hurricane, UT

  • Kim Jacob at the Rancho Cucamonga location has been very helpful when it comes to taking care of my insurance policy. It has been a real pleasure working with such a professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for insurance coverage on their home or vehicle.

    Shane, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • Top notch service by Ms. Rachel Messina out of the Rancho office. All my insurance needs were met with professionalism.

    Joey, Fontana, CA

  • Thank you so very much Rachel Messina for your great service, you really helped me with my insurance needs. Thanks again

    Joey M., Fontana, AL

  • Rachel Celeste Messina helps me with all my insurance needs.

    Jose Messina, Fontana, CA

  • Rachel is an awesome agent she is always looking out for my insurance needs.

    Alex Messina, Fontana, CA

  • Rachel from the Rancho Cucamonga office is extremely courteous and efficient. I appreciate all that she has done for our families' insurance needs.

    Carol, Fontana,CA, AL

  • Had such a great experience at key insurance in rancho, I highly recommend everyone I know with Rachel she is such a great agent she answerd all my questions and was very informative. Go with Rachel!

    Elizabeth, Fontana , CA

  • Sandra Oros has given great customer service. Thanks.

    J. Hedquist, Salt Lake City, UT

  • Best insurance service I've ever received. Rachel Messina really seems like she has my best interest at heart. Awesome agent.

    Elisa Reyes, Fontana, CA

  • Talked to Rachel in Rancho office for my insurance needs and recieved the finest service ever. I will depend on Rachel in the future for my insurance needs...Thanks Rachel

    Billy Mathews, Phelan, CA

  • Was very Happy to hear Laura Gomez was back to working with Key City Insurance. She has always done an excellent job with the clients referred to her. I've know her for about 15 years now and will continue to recommend her.

    Delmy Martinez, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • I must say Rachel Messina in Rancho Cucamonga was so kind and very helpful, she answered all questions.. She's one I will always recommend to others!

    Angelina Aynes, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • Kim was extremely patient and helpful in answering all of my questions. Great customer service!

    Chris Holstein, Riverside, CA

  • Kim took care of my insurance requirements in a very capable and professional manner, very timely also, I was in a hurry. In fact, the staff was very courteous and friendly too.

    Reba McCormick, Riverside, CA

  • Dealing with insurance is a pain, but thankfully Rachel helped me out. She's the BEST!

    Yarin Leyva, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • Rachel M. Was very helpful and kind!!!! She's what you call great customer service!

    Andrea A., Bloomington , CA

  • Key City Insurance is excellent. My family and extended family have used them for our personal insurance needs for about 17 years and I've been referring them to all of my Real Estate clients for the past 11 years. Their agents and staff are well trained, knowledgeable, and professional. As a Realtor I've dealt with many insurance companies but none have been better than Key City Insurance.I highly recommend them.

    Michael, Hesperia, CA

  • I called and talked to Kim Jacob and she was very informative and helpful and answered all my questions on insurance issues. Thank you.

    Erin Sorensen, Corona Ca, AL

  • Great customer service. Kim in the Rancho Cucamonga office is very thorough and always willing to go the extra mile when providing information and guidance. Very friendly service and I highly recommended her!

    Valerie, Fontana, CA

  • Laura Patricia Ascencio is good worker and have nice service

    Maria Rodriguez, Los Angeles, CA

  • Happy for laura patricia ascencio return to this site.

    Maria Guadalupe, Los Angeles, AL

  • The Rancho Cucamonga Key city insurance office is great. Kim is very thorough and informative.

    Cari Dunn, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • Great service and great rates. Rachel is very helpful! Ask for her!

    Mark, Rancho Cucamonga,CA, AL

  • Im so happy Laura Gomez is back she has been doing my insurance for 10 years and i will never change insurance companys.

    Zuleyma, Rancho, CA

  • Im so happy Laura Gomez is back i have always loved her customer service and shes very helpful.

    Anthony, Ontario, CA

  • Friendliest service you can get anywhere! Rachel gives top notch customer service! She is attentive and professional!

    Kristin, Rancho Cucamonga,CA, AL

  • Easy to use. In debt review on the cheapest insurance available. Excellent customer service

    Cliff Jacoby, Provo, UT

  • I would like to thank Laura Gomez in Rancho Cucamonga for helping me with my insurance and for always being so kind.

    Jessica, Rialto, CA

  • Kim with Key City insurance has been so helpful and is very knowledgable when it come to insurance. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

    Sherry, Belmond , IA

  • Rancho Store. I've had my fair share of hassle situations with insurance like no other (obvi). But contacting key insurance definitely made me feel welcome. I don't know if the entire staff is trained the same. But I had pleasant experience with Rachel Messina! She answered all my question with a very knowledgeable experience. Which made me feel like the honest truth was being.. In a sense.. preached to me and for that experience I will definitely recommend to all my friends and familia key city insurance rancho! And of course their lovely Rachel! Thankyou!

    David Zamora, Fontana, CA

  • Service is great! Rachel in the Rancho office is always helpful. We've been using them for years and love them. Highly Recommended

    Amanda, Fontana, CA

  • My wife and I use them for our home and vehicle insurance. Great people and they are always on top of it. I have had nothing but great experiences and they always find me policy discounts I would have missed. My agent is Rachel M and I highly recommend her and Key City.

    Peter McCarthy III, San Bernardino, CA

  • CSR Kiersten Rocks!!!!!!

    Marcy LaRue, Hesperia, CA

  • Everyone is nice and is willing to help customers with their needs and concerns.

    Nataly Medina, Magna, UT

  • Being a Commercial Lines Account Manager, I often refer Personal Lines business to Kim Jacobs. She is very consciencious and responsive, as well as knowledgeable. I can feel confident my client will be well taken care of.

    Susan Eddy, Corona, CA

  • I have had excellent service from Key City Insurance. Kim Jacob has been able to answer all of my questions and provide whatever service needed. Thanks for the excellent service!!!

    Michele Nelson, Wrightwood, CA

  • Kim Jacob has stellar customer service qualities and I know I can depend on her to follow through on whatever my request is - no matter how large or small. Thanks Kim! Appreciate you so much - ALWAYS!

    Kathy Rogers, Vista, CA

  • Laura Gomez Has been an excellent help with all my insurance questions .

    Mary Pimentel, Highland Park, CA

  • Laura Gomez , has been very helpful to me , she is my number one agent.

    Maria Plancarte, Los angeles, Ca, CA

  • Great Service, Great example of an agency that cares about the customer. Kim does a great job for us.

    Jeff Jacob, Corona , CA

  • Key City Insurance is a fast and friendly company. They agents care about their customers and they are willing to help at a drop of a hat. Thank you Key City.

    Melanie, Apple Valley, CA

  • Key City Insurance has always left me feeling like part of their family. Experiences there don't just include insurance needs and wants, they include the best hospitality known. Personnel is of the upmost respectable people I've ever had the pleasure to know and become great friends with. My insurance wants and needs will forever remain with Key City Insurance. Thank you for blessing me with you friendships.

    Dwayne, Victorville, CA