3 Types of Business Insurance to Reduce Property Risks

What type of business insurance do you have in place? There are many components to protecting your company. You may know you need coverage to pay for operation shutdowns and workers compensation. But, do you have enough coverage to protect your business’s assets? Take a few minutes to consider the types of coverage available to you and how well they can protect your often largest assets.

Your Building and Property

One of the first components of protection is for your actual building. If you own the building your business operates in, having comprehensive coverage is necessary. It should protect against major threats such as fires, vandalism, theft and weather events. This type of plan also covers signage and attached or unattached buildings that are a component of the company. Even if you lease your building, you need some level of protection for any components not otherwise covered under your landlord’s plan.

Your Equipment

Most types of business property insurance will provide contents coverage. However, when it comes to your company’s equipment, pay special attention to the details. If you have very high priced equipment, including computers, specialized manufacturing equipment or specialized tools, be sure to list these items separately on your plan. This may increase your premium costs due to the higher coverage limits. However, these items should get that level of attention if they are the difference between keeping your company functioning or not.

Inventory Protection

If your business carries inventory, discuss this with your independent insurance agent. Generally, it is covered in your actual contents coverage. If you have high value inventory, that may require a boosting in the coverage limit as well. However, this can be essential since these are some of your most valuable possessions.

Comprehensive business insurance covers all of your property and assets. Whether that is a high end piece of art on the wall or the registers you use to ring customers out, it needs ample protection. Work closely with us to ensure you have a plan designed to meet your company’s individual needs. This step can help you to save money and improve your bottom line.

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