5 Ways Your Renters Insurance Can Come in Handy

Given how inexpensive renters insurance policies are, and how much coverage they provide, it goes without saying that you get a lot of bang for your buck. But just how can renters insurance help you? Take a look at these five scenarios in which your coverage could quite possibly save the day.

  1. Fire Damage: If a fire burned down your rental unit, would you be able to replace your furniture, clothing, appliances and other things out of pocket? Renters insurance can compensate you for your losses, and (depending on your policy) the losses of neighboring units that were affected by the fire in your unit. If your home becomes uninhabitable, some policies will even compensate you for temporary housing.
  2. Natural Disasters: Tornadoes, hurricanes and whatever else Mother Nature can cook up have the ability of striking hard and fast. If you lose your belongings in one of these storms, renters insurance can come to the rescue once more, similar to the fire example above.
  3. Valuables and Collectibles: Jewelry, fine art, specialized electronic equipment, china and other highly valuable items may either be excluded from your policy or its coverage may be capped below value. If you own similar possessions, ask your independent insurance agent about adding a rider to your policy. That way, for a small extra price, you can still ensure the protection of all your belongings.
  4. Roommates: Whether moving in with a significant other or roommate, it benefits you to know that a single renters insurance policy can cover your combined possessions — that is, if you wish to share that responsibility with someone. Generally, up to four adults can be covered under the same policy. Just remember to ensure that the total value of all of everyone’s belongings are reflected in the policy.
  5. Liability<: Anyone who suffers an injury or property damage within your rental unit can sue you for medical bills and other damages. Renters insurance can cover legal fees and any resulting settlements if you’re found liable for damages.

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