The Best Door Locks to Keep Your Home Safe

Whether you’re home or away, you want to discourage intruders from entering your home. Burglars have extensive knowledge of locks and their limitations, so it just makes sense that you should have the same knowledge to ensure you’re not the victim of theft or home invasion.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grades all locks for quality and durability. When shopping for locks, look for Grade 1, Grade 2 or Grade 3 on the package. Grade 1 will probably be the most expensive, but that is the highest quality lock, which performs the best on a variety of operational and security tests.

Many people see a lock on their door and if it is operational, they feel fairly content and secure. However, if it is a spring-loaded lock located on the doorknob itself, it is not a very safe system. Intruders can unlatch these locks with items other than keys, and even a swift kick or blow to the doorknob can knock it right off. If you do have this type of lock, it is best to install protective metal plates to reinforce a wooden door or door frame for extra security.

For the safest choice, invest in a deadbolt lock for your entry doors. Its name comes from the fact that the door, when engaged, is essentially bolted to the door frame. Most newer deadbolts have to be locked and unlocked with a key from the outside as well as the inside, which means even if you have glass panes in your door, an intruder cannot break the glass, reach in, and unlock the deadbolt.

A new generation of locks has been released and many of them use codes, bluetooth, smartphones or fingerprints to function. Before investing in any of these newer locks, make sure they meet your needs. Some operate on battery, while others are hard-wired. A model that also allows you to use a key might be a smart idea if you have a tendency to forget your phone or have guests that need access to the house. Check ANSI grades and if possible, read user reviews before purchasing.

Whatever lock you choose, the most important action involves using it both when you are home and away. Burglars look for easy pickings, and if it looks like you take security seriously, they will probably move on to another house.

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