What Cars are the Cheapest to Insure?

With a focus on managing your cost, keeping your car insurance manageable is a top priority. Whether you make your payment monthly or annually, getting the best value for your auto insurance will help you save money for your household. One commonly missed way you can lower your car insurance is by being strategic about the car you purchase. The following are the least expensive cars to insure based on Forbes 2016 list

3. Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan is the third least expensive vehicle to insure. If you base your decision on what car to buy on the car’s safety record, then it should be no surprise that minivans are great cars to own. Minivans, especially the Dodge Grand Caravan, are notoriously safe vehicles. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safeway gave the Grand Caravan top scores in all areas of safety. By scoring highly, there is little wonder why this car should be one of your top picks when you are focused on reducing auto insurance.

2. Honda CR-V LX

The second most affordable car to insure is the Honda CR-V LX. Honda is an automaker known to create cars that exceed typical industry standards when it comes to safety. The Honda CR-V LX is a mid-size SUV that offers drivers the best of both worlds: safety and great performance. Additionally, Honda drivers get the benefit of longevity and high dependability. After driving a Honda for years, CR-V LX owners can realize high resale values since many people desire Hondas, both new and used.

1. Honda Odyssey LX

The lowest-cost vehicle to insure is the Honda Odyssey LX. Forbes estimates that it costs about $1,113 to insure this minivan each year. Like the Grand Caravan, the Odyssey is a minivan. Fortunately, the criminally-minded find minivans less appealing when it comes to auto theft. As a result, people who own these cars are at a reduced risk of getting their cars stolen, and it pays off. Since owners are exposed to fewer risks, insurance companies charge less to insure these vehicles.

There is more to how your insurance is rated than simply the type of car you drive. The cost of your insurance also depends on your driving history, your age, where you live and, sometimes, your credit score.

If you anticipate getting a car this year and want to keep a handle on your finances, consider getting one of the three lowest-cost vehicles to insure for 2016. Beyond lower costs, these vehicles offer safety features that make them best-in-class when it comes to protecting your family.

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