Employee Injuries: How to handle Workers’ Comp Claims

It is an employee’s responsibility to report their injury immediately after it occurs, but an employer also needs to report these injuries in a timely manner. An employer needs to contact their workers’ compensation insurer as soon as they possibly can to alert the company of the injury. This will allow them to get the process started quicker, and it can really pay off in the end for a business owner.

Try to get Claims Closed

There are quite a few reasons to work towards getting workers’ comp claims closed quickly, and they benefit both employer and employee. Workers will likely be able to get back on their feet quickly if they’re able to begin recuperating in a timely manner. Additionally, a closed workers’ comp claim is one less thing on the already full plate of a business owner.

Try to get Employee back to Work

An employer wants their employee to get back to work as quickly as possible. This would ensure that productivity can go back up, and it often means that workers’ compensation payments can be ceased. There are, however, times when employees can return to work but still receive benefits, and even this scenario can be beneficial for a business owner.

Employers can offer “light duty” work to their injured worker if the involved doctor clears them to do so. This means a worker will be allowed to return to work, even if it’s not their original position. Some states have even begun offering incentives for businesses to do this. Some areas, for instance, reduce worker’s benefits if they refuse to return to light duty work once offered. This can really help reduce possible premium increases for an employer.

The workers’ compensation process is often adversarial by nature, but this doesn’t mean that it always has to end badly for an employer. Following the appropriate steps can ensure a smooth process, and in some cases, it will even help to keep premiums low. As a great comic book character once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Being a business owner is great, but handling workers’ comp claims appropriately is a responsibility that should be taken seriously.

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