Liability Insurance for Cleaning Services

If you provide cleaning services, whether through a formal company or as an independent contractor, it is critical that you have the right type and amount of business insurance in place, including liability insurance. Janitors, maids and cleaning providers face risks on the job at all times. If you fail to have liability insurance that is comprehensive enough to cover these risks, you could lose your business and even have your personal assets put at risk. To avoid this, work to improve the general liability insurance your company has in place.

A general liability insurance policy is the least amount of coverage you should have when operating a cleaning service. The reasons are clear. In the day-to-day operations of your company, you are likely to encounter a variety of risk factors. These components of the policy can help you in several ways.

Bodily Injury Claims: These are some of the most costly liability claims that occur. If you provide a service and your client is hurt as a result, you could be held liable. Keep in mind that most cleaning services enter the property of other companies, which should also have this type of insurance in place. However, to protect your business, you need an ample amount of this coverage.

Property Damage Claims: There are situations in which incidents can occur and your services lead to the damage of a person’s property. This can occur in a commercial setting as well. In general, this form of insurance can provide coverage to you if and when claims occur. If something were to happen to your cleaning equipment, for example, this type of insurance can provide compensation to make up those losses.

What other risks are there that your cleaning business needs to protect against? Workers compensation is often necessary for companies with employees. You may also need umbrella insurance to extend the reach of your coverage if the risks are higher. The key to remember is that every type and size of cleaning company needs liability insurance that can reduce financial risks associated with everyday operations. Request a quote to ensure you have the highest level of coverage possible based on your risk factors.

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