Non-Owner’s Insurance

If you don’t own a vehicle the insurance you’d purchase is called non-owner’s insurance. This provides auto insurance for someone who wants coverage when driving another person’s vehicle. In some situations the only coverage that is available for a non owner’s policy is liability for bodily injury, property damage, uninsured motorist and medical payments. Non-owner insurance policies don’t include collision or comprehensive coverage. These two types of coverage are meant to pay for damage to the vehicle for situations such as collision, theft, fire, etc. The policy doesn’t cover owned vehicles, therefore coverage can’t be purchased.

This coverage doesn’t apply to family or household members; it only applies to the person listed on the declarations page. If an accident occurs the non-owner policy is meant to pay after the policy coverage is all spent. So it’s created to be a secondary policy. This is why teenagers are not able to have a non-owner’s policy for driving their parents’ car. If an accident does happen and it’s the teen’s fault, then the parents’ main policy won’t provide coverage because the teen isn’t covered. In this situation the non-owner policy provides coverage for just the teen, therefore the interests of the parents isn’t protected.

Non-owner policies are designed the way they are because they’re meant to protect someone that doesn’t have regular access to a personal vehicle; work related vehicles too. Additionally you can’t add drivers to this particular kind of policy. Just the named insured person will be provided with coverage.

In most cases, you can’t get coverage for any of the following:

  • Vehicles that are owned by your household members
  • Non-private passenger type or work related vehicles
  • Vehicles that are registered to the policyholder

You shouldn’t purchase non-owner’s insurance if you own a vehicle. It’s also important to know if you purchase a vehicle immediately after you get it, you have to pay whatever additional premium if applicable. Usually people will buy a vehicle and then forget to add it to their policy, believing the vehicle is already covered. If you do own a vehicle or recently purchased one, get a quote on Victorville car insurance today.