How to Share the Road with Large Trucks

Large trucks enable commerce by using our highways and roads to deliver cargo. Because of their large size, they also present a hazard to motorists who are unaware of their visibility, maneuvering and braking limitations. A typical large truck can weigh 27 times as much as a typical car. Motorists who drive among large trucks as though they were other cars run the risk of getting into an accident with them. The following are three tips for motorists on how to share the road with large trucks.

Beware of the Truck Driver’s Blind Spots

A simple rule of thumb is that if you can’t see the trucker’s face in one of his mirrors, then he can’t see you. A truck has large blind spots on its right side and rear and a smaller one on its left side. Never linger in a truck’s blind spot. When passing a truck on a multilane highway, use a lane to its left and pass quickly.

Don’t Pass a Truck on its Right When it’s Making a Right Turn

When a truck makes a right turn, it requires a lot of clearance on the right side and will swing to the left first. Motorists should never squeeze by the truck on its right. The truck driver won’t see your car and may drive into you. At intersections, look for the truck’s turn signals.

Give a Truck Plenty of Room When Pulling in Front of It

Because of their large size and weight, trucks cannot stop as quickly as cars. Never cut off a truck by swerving in front of it. This is an especially hazardous practice in stop-and-go traffic. A car sized space in front of a truck may look tempting, but it doesn’t allow sufficient braking distance for the truck.

A common practice for motorists when changing multiple lanes is to drive into a small space in front of a truck and then brake to change lanes again. This practice has often resulted in an accident. The rule of thumb for pulling in front of a truck is to wait until you can see the entire front of the truck in your rear view mirror.

Share the road with large trucks with courtesy and safety. Always remember that their large size limits their ability to compensate for any mistakes that you might make. Using extra precaution can help spare you from an accident and the auto insurance claim that would follow.

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