Winterize the Exterior of Your Car

If you live in climates with colder weather during the winter, then now is a great time to think about winterizing the exterior of your car. The exterior? Yes, winterizing the exterior of your car is just as important as winterizing the engine of your car.

Why? Winter can be harsh on the exterior of your car, and that damage can lead to rust. The rust can lead to your car not lasting as long as it should. Winterizing the exterior of your car can help you avoid having to repaint your car or have parts on the underside replaced.

How does this relate to car insurance? When you keep your car for several years, each year can mean lower insurance premiums. We all want lower premiums, so here are two things you need to do to winterize the exterior of your car.

1. Instead of just driving your car through the car wash, have your car detailed before winter. You can do this yourself, or pay to have it done. Be sure the detailing includes a paint sealant that helps seal your car’s exterior from the damage of road salt. Your local auto store has some great products, and they will know what works best for where you live.

2. As part of that detailing, include protecting your car tires. When you use a protective wax on your car tires, it helps repel snow and ice. Using a protective wax on your car tires also keeps them supple in cold temperatures. Your local auto store can tell you what is best for where you live, and this is something you want to do about once a month during the cold season. Don’t just use any wax though—use the type that is recommended for tires and follow the directions.

Once you have winterized your car, be sure and wash your car at least once a month during winter. Include the undercarriage wash that most car washes offer. This helps keep salt off items like the muffler and can mean fewer repairs.

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